Becoming A Client

Financial Security Starts with the right vision. We welcome the opportunity to work with you!

Introductory Call

Our first step is an introductory call. This is approximately a 30-minute session where we discuss what's on your mind, and get a general snapshot of your financial concerns. This is a no-commitment, no-cost session that helps determine if we are a good fit for one another. We will also open up to your questions about how we work, and share our mission statement and philosophy. If we decide we are a good fit we can move to the next step.

Discovery Meeting

A discovery meeting allows us to focus on the specifics of your financial situation. We will decide which of our services is the best fit for you. Then, we will send you a list of documents we need, a link to set up your client portal, and your client service agreements. When all of the documentation is submitted and reviewed by us, we will meet again for a deep dive conversation on such things as your goals, assets, risk tolerance, and time horizons. We will also share some preliminary observations.

Your plan

This is where we get to work. We usually have a two to three-week turnaround time for financial plans, depending upon the complexity of your situation. When your plan is complete we will schedule a time to share it with you either by zoom or in person. We will supply you with a snapshot of your current situation. If you've outlined specific goals in our initial meeting, this is where we make recommendations on how to meet them. No matter what package you choose, our goal is to make sure you have clearly outlined goals and a clear path to meeting them!

Plan Presentation and Future Steps

Depending upon the package you choose, we will move ahead accordingly. We will also look at options for addressing recommendations or shortfalls discovered in the planning process. At BetterWealth, you are in charge. You can determine how fast or slow you want the process to go. We are a partner to guide you and help make your financial dreams a reality. At this meeting (zoom or in-person) we will cover what the future looks like for you. Here we will discuss the following. 1. Summarize your financial objectives. 2. Summarize your current financial situation. 3. Explain the results of your analysis. 4. Present strategies, recommendations, and proposed solutions. 5. Provide an action plan and an implementation schedule for reaching your goals.

Get Your Financial Plan On Track Today

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