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Financial Strategies For Women

At BetterWealth, financial planner in Middletown, NJ our goal is to take the mystery out of the financial planning process and design a plan unique for you!  No cookie-cutter retirement, no complex, hard to understand, hard to implement approaches.  Just simple, productive planning practices based on your goals, your income, and your assets.  Tell us your dreams and we will devise a plan to achieve them.  We can even monitor your progress to move you along more quickly. 

We are a boutique firm, offering unique financial services, committed to providing honest, trustworthy guidance based on over 30 years of experience helping clients accumulate and protect their assets.

As unique financial advisors, we have no quotas to meet and no conflicts of interest. We are fully transparent and prefer the lines of communication to be open.  If you have questions or concerns, we are happy to answer them whether you choose to become a client or not.  If you are comfortable with this approach, let’s work together!  It’s your future, what are you waiting for?

Why BetterWealth for Women?

At BetterWealth, also known as Monmouth County, NJ’s most trusted financial advisor for women, we understand the unique financial needs and concerns of women. Women who are responsible for their own money often look at money through a different lens.
Money can be emotional which dictates saving, spending, and investing habits. We understand that money is more than your account balance. It’s the wedding gift for your daughter, it’s your son’s college tuition. Maybe it’s a plan to purchase your first home or a vacation home; your heartbeat, and lifeline to those you love. We know because we are one of you. You have goals and dreams, we want to help you get there.

"A woman's best protection is having a little money of her own." Clare Booth Luce, American Author and US Ambassador

Let’s Get Connected 

About Lori

Founder, Senior Managing Partner, Better Wealth For Women

Lori Brand has been working as a financial advisor and retirement planner for over 25 years. Her practice centers on helping women navigate the special financial needs surrounding divorce, death of a spouse, or career change.  She specializes in helping women shift their mindset regarding money and financial security and specializes in protecting and growing assets throughout retirement.

What is Women, Divorce and The Emotion of Money?

At BetterWealth For Women we understand the unique financial needs and concerns of women. Single, divorced, or recently-widowed women often look at money through a different lens. To you, we know money is more than just your account balance. It’s your son’s college tuition, your daughter’s wedding, or a grandchild’s college fund. Perhaps it’s a home improvement or a future vacation home; your heartbeat and lifeline to those you love. We know because we are one of you. You have goals and dreams, we want to help you get there. As a member of the Red Bank Women’s Club, you’ll often find Lori speaking at events about insurance and financial advice specifically for women in Monmouth County, NJ. If you’re seeking NJ’s top female financial planner, look no further than Lori Brand at BetterWealth Financial Strategies For Women to help get your finances on track today.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help more women reach financial independence by delivering straightforward, easy-to-understand financial planning that has a meaningful impact on lifestyle and financial goals. 

Disclosure:  We are a fee-based financial planning firm. This means that we are compensated through a combination of financial planning fees and/or commissions. We take a holistic approach to planning and believe that this model allows us to offer a greater range of services, as well as an opportunity to implement recommendations that may be suggested in your plan. This approach also allows us to better monitor your results.

We are paid for our financial planning expertise and guidance. We do not manage assets, nor will we buy, sell or trade securities, or exercise any discretionary account action on your behalf. You are under no obligation to implement any recommendation through BetterWealth for Women. We believe in full transparency. Should you choose to exercise any recommendation with us, all fees and commissions will be disclosed prior to finalizing your transaction.

Disclaimer: All content published on BetterWealth for Women is for informational purposes only and is not to be interpreted as tax, legal, or investment advice. We suggest you seek out the advice of a qualified tax, legal or financial consultant for specific advice regarding your personal situation.

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